Concurrency in Go Chapter1 (5)

“Concurrency in Go: Tools and Techniques for Developers”の1章 “An Introduction to Concurrency”の読書メモ。Deadlockについて書く。


package mainimport (
func main() {
type value struct {
mu sync.Mutex
value int
var wg sync.WaitGroup
printSum := func(v1, v2 *value) {
defer wg.Done()
time.Sleep(2 * time.Second)
fmt.Printf("sum=%v\n", v1.value+v2.value)
var a, b value
go printSum(&a, &b)
go printSum(&b, &a)

Deadlockは以下の4つの状態(Coffman conditions)を満たす時に発生しうる。

Mutufal Exclusion

Wait For Condition

No Preemption

Circular Wait



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