Singly-Linked List in Rust

[Some(ptr)] -> (1, Some(ptr)) -> (2, None)Stack: push(3)
[Some(ptr)] -> (3, Some(ptr)) -> (1, Some(ptr))-> (2, None)
Stack: pop()
[Some(ptr)] -> (1, Some(ptr))-> (2, None)
Queue: add(4)
[Some(ptr)] -> (1, Some(ptr)) -> (2, Some(ptr))-> (4, None)
Queue: remove()
[Some(ptr)] -> (2, Some(ptr))-> (4, None)
struct SLList<T> {
head: Link<T>,
tail: *mut Node<T>,
type Link<T> = Option<Box<Node<T>>>;struct Node<T> {
elem: T,
next: Link<T>,





Software engineer

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Takanori Ishibashi

Takanori Ishibashi

Software engineer

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